Boat Detailing Services

Our team of experts will restore your investment to its former glory with our comprehensive boat servicing. From deep cleaning the inside and outside of every crevice, we'll make your boat look and function like new.

Black plastic steering wheel, control panel and dashboard with switches in the cockpit of the utility motor boat

Professional Boat Washing

  • F & R Boat Services, LLC provides boat washing services from the waterline up, including cleaning under hatches, compartments, and gutter tracks. 
  • The company removes salt, bird droppings, water stains and other dirt and debris, and dries all windows and bright work. 
  • F & R offers one-time or recurring washes according to the customer's preference. 
  • Regular boat detailing is key to boat maintenance, as it prevents long-term damage, preserves beauty and functionality, and enhances resale value. 
  • Routine cleaning helps to identify potential problems early and avoid costly repairs or breakdowns in the future. 


Full-Service Boat Cleaning

Our professional team provides comprehensive boat cleaning services to keep your vessel in pristine condition. From thorough interior and exterior cleaning to waxing and polishing, we ensure that every inch of your boat shines. Trust us to remove stubborn stains, dirt, and grime, allowing you to enjoy a clean and well-maintained boat for memorable trips on the water.

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